Monday, November 9, 2015


I had a first with my daughter tonight, we sat down and prayed together. Well maybe not a first but the first time since she has gotten older.

We prayed together because her brother and sister have a pretty heavy day tomorrow, they go to pick out their Father's headstone. We have been divorced for many years, and I know it isn't my job to go but a little part of me just wants to be there for them to just be there. Hard to let your kids do this type of thing by themselves. I fight my own head  over how much to help them, and tread between offering and trying to let them come to me if they need help. So today, my youngest and I prayed for them.

We also prayed for my husband, who is pretty awesome, and deserves a break. My wish was for him to be happy in a new job.

We also talked about that we can pray to find a way, but never things for yourself. My belief is prayers for others get double duty attention or something I guess. In my head they do!

I also believe that everyone deserves to have their own beliefs.

Live ~ Laugh ~ Love

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Holding Thy Tongue

You know how it is when you get good news you want to shout to the world but you cannot do it yet due to .... well it isn't a for sure things just an amazing thing. Yet again you are scared to say anything for fear of jinxing it?

Yea, me neither........

Tomorrow is a big day for me at the craft sale. I am hoping to get some things sold, just not the amount of time I thought I would have to do things and I am thinking I really have to hone in on one thing for a bit and not be so diversified LOL But I like doing it! OOOO what to do.

I should be in bed but, well I have to drag a 70+ pound dog out of the bed to get to my spot, since my husband is curled up with him in bed. That will teach me to go to bed extra late...

So, got anything you want to tell me but shouldn't?

Monday, November 2, 2015

Cross Roads and Developing!

We hit a major cross roads in our home, a whole lot of changes are happening. I was stuck with should I write about it here or just keep it light? Well my choice is, Xroads happen :) Move forward, when you get down and out no matter what the reason, others have it worse. Watch a few vids on youtube and you will realize that! Helped my husband and I tremendously!


I LOVE PICTURES, I love photography, I love capturing a moment so it will never be forgotten! One of the BEST vids I have found is here. WWII film rolls developed! I mean how awesome is that! What a job, recapturing lost memories.

Also, I love wimp! Such good stories.

Remember to keep on truckin' down that road!