Monday, October 12, 2015


I have always been very fond of animals. I think that people who rescue them are amazing people. Facebook has opened my eyes more towards rescue's and how they work. Watching the video's from there and other online area's can break your heart, forever change you as a person. There are some pictures and video's that I just cannot forget, some left me so shattered after seeing the pictures I had to stay away from any sites regarding it. I wonder if rescuers have to take breaks themselves?

My sister volunteered for Golden Retrievers Rescue, she finally fell in love with a little blind dog and kept her so her fostering has been limited with how much care that precious little girl takes. She is also dwarfed so she is a tiny thing, she looks like she is still just a puppy.

Hope for Paws


  1. I love animals too! My favorite rescue is the Beagle Freedom Project - they rescue animals used for testing. Mainly beagles - which are my fave. My goal one day is to help with a rescue and be able to foster one of these rescue babies. Give your sister a high five for me, and thanks for adding more awareness to the cause.

  2. I'm a real animal lover too, and have seen so many of those stories on Facebook and other social media. The stories are sometimes so heartwarming, but so often they break my heart because they make me feel so helpless. I think those that rescue animals are some of the most amazing people on this earth!