Sunday, October 4, 2015


When my daughter was young she had trouble sleeping and pulled the "DO NOT tell me to count sheep Mom" so I told her to do what I do. I work on little stories in my head and just go with the flow. She used this and it worked for her. Soon she had so many ideas for her world that she started writing them down. In 8th grade, with all the writing she was doing, she was labeled the person to get published in her class. She wrote her first book during this time, and had already started it.

After sharing many ideas with my husband off and on through the years he would prod me to start writing. Trying to share documents and making new folders on my computer for it... until I told him to start  his own and leave me alone. It was safe in my head. However, that was the kick in the butt he needed to start writing his own book, so I am going to take credit for that.

Most of my ideas have been in the Fantasy realm but I also want to work on a relationship one. Today is the first time I verbalized that with my In-Laws and much to my surprise they were very eager to hear more about it. It isn't the normal relationship stuff after all, it's how to use duct tape in a marriage. It can fix anything you know!

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