Saturday, October 3, 2015

Insanity Begins

This month starts new beginnings for me. So don't tell me you cannot teach an old dog new tricks! I just turned 50 a mere few days ago and I am starting in new territories.

  1. The end of September I entered a group on Facebook that does daily photo assignments with a theme, along with a monthly theme type. This is exciting for me and I hope to get some new views of my world, and tax myself to come up with fresh ideas on themes. 
  2. I also, after years of putting it off, joined a writers group and actually signed up for a month of assignments. I am an avid reader and my husband and daughter keep telling me I have good book ideas but I am scared to put them to print. Because if it is just a dream it is always there, if I try it and fail... Well, lets just say it is time to start doing and stop being afraid. 
  3. Now today it was time to get a fresh start on a Blog as part of my writing assignment. I have some old ones but I thought it important to move forward with a fresh start. I look forward to what can become of it!
So, it's time to let my insanity take hold and go with the flow! ;)

Welcome to my study!

Plus my bonus link to My Partner in Crime

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