Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall is a comin'

I have never had a dog like our current dog. He has learned everything really fast, in 3 days of being home he was potty trained. He has been so easy! So smart, such and escape artist. I digress.

I watched our dog go outside this morning with slow but sure steps, his head slowly looking and taking everything thing in. He was born in the winter, playing in snow. You can almost tell he is happy this morning, knowing it will be here for him again soon. I have this picture I took last year in a snowfall, where he just sits and tilts his head watching all the snow falling to the ground in wonderment. I have never seen that type of look on a dog, and he certainly doesn't usually just "sit" that long doing nothing but watching his "world"

Watching Snow Fall

My mind darts back to my husband and I walking in the woods a short way from our home. We got married close to there so it is a special little spot for us. The leaves were all scattered in the walking paths and hearing our dog run through them was like a pack of wild animals rushing towards us. At one point I asked my husband to stop and shut his eyes and tell me everything, what he smelled, heard, felt. With great delight he whispered something along the lines of, "How did you know I needed this? I wish I had my notebook with so I don't forget anything." He was working on settings for his book. 

I have always loved stuff like that, stopping and enjoying. There is one little lake that seem to ALWAYS be so windy. That is my favorite place to fly! You can go to a little slant on the bank and if you do a certain type of pose and lean your head back, shut your eyes and then, you fly!

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